Club Championship Standings

Note: Players highlighted in green are members and therefore eligible for the Club Championship. Players who are not highlighted are currently not eligible for the Club Championship, but may become members before the Club Championship to gain eligibility and keep their earned points.

How does it work?

Club Championship Points =

+ Best 12 point finishes in Sanctioned Singles [Base Points * Divisional Weight]

+ Best 2 point finishes in Mini Tournaments [Base Points * 1.5 * Divisional Weight]

+ Falcons Take Flight points finish [Base Points * 2 * Divisional Weight]

+ Club Championship tournament points finish [Base Points * 4 * Divisional Weight]

GAS Disc Golf offers eight internal divisions that mostly align with the PDGA’s divisions:

DivisionDescriptionPDGA Division (Generally)
M-AdvMixed AdvancedMA1, All Mixed Professional Open divisions
M-IntMixed IntermediateMA2
M-RecMixed RecreationalMA3, All Mixed Amateur Age Protected divisions
M-NovMixed NoviceMA4, All Mixed Junior divisions
F-AdvFemale AdvancedFA1, All Female Professional Open divisions
F-IntFemale IntermediateFA2
F-RecFemale RecreationalFA3, All Female Amateur Age Protected divisions
F-NovFemale NoviceFA4, All Female Junior divisions

GAS Disc Golf’s divisions compared to the PDGA’s divisions

GAS Disc Golf created its own divisions due to its Club Championship and the specifications of the PDGA. GASDG’s divisions are essentially MA1-MA4 and FA1-FA4 but, in order to avoid confusion with the PDGA divisions, GASDG renamed its divisions. Players will still compete in official PDGA divisions during GASDG events. GASDG will just classify the PDGA division under a GASDG division for the purpose of Club Championship points. This was needed to condense many different PDGA divisions into just a few for its Club Championships. For example, if an MPO, FP40, and MA40 player play in a GASDG tournament, they are all playing in divisions that GASDG does not have for its Club Championship so they will be assigned to a Club division based on the table above. However, players can asked to be moved to a different Club division than what is automatically assigned at each event. Players who would like to do this need to talk to the GASDG event organizer(s) before the event starts.

Who is eligible?

Players will earn points for each event regardless of membership status; however, players will only be eligible for the final standings in both Sanctioned Singles and the Club Championship if they are a member before the beginning of the Club Championship tournament.

For example, if a player competes throughout the season without a membership, his/her points will accrue the entire entire season and be applied towards the season standings. Going into the final event of the year, this player has 600 points and is sitting in 2nd in the M-Rec championship. If the player decides to buy a membership, he/she will be eligible for the M-Rec championship and the final season standings. If the player does not become a member before the final event, he/she will be dropped from the final standings and be ineligible for the championship