About Us

GAS Disc Golf

Est. 2021

Our Mission

GAS Disc Golf Club is a Bowling Green, Ohio area 501(c)(3) certified, sports education organization committed to teaching, developing, promoting, and encouraging the sport of disc golf through community focused course development/improvement and maintenance; to develop youth and adult programs and events that foster community engagement, a healthy competitive atmosphere, and etiquette in the promotion of disc golf. In pursuing such purposes, the corporation shall not act so as to impair its eligibility for exemption under SECTION 501(C)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended.

Our History

Founded in May 2021, GAS Disc Golf was created as a nonprofit organization to promote disc golf with a community focus in the local Bowling Green, Ohio area. GAS Disc Golf’s founders love the sport and understand how it can bring many positives to their communities. Disc golf is a low-cost sport that is played by people of all ages from all backgrounds. By growing the local disc golf community, citizens will get more exercise, businesses will see increased activity, parks will be able to use and highlight more of their property, and much more!

GAS Disc Golf is also a PDGA Club Affiliate, so we strive to grow the sport and community through the expectations and standards the PDGA has set.

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